Kristiina Eljand-Roosimaa

Kristiina is an experienced Senior Designer with over 17 years of consistent excellence in design and customer service. The daughter of an architect-graphic artist and former vocalist, Kristiina was schooled in Toronto, Canada at the International Academy of Design.

After graduating from the Academy, she decided to move to Europe and hone her skills by starting off as a Junior Designer at a high profile drapery & design boutique business.

With senior level design experience to her credit, after a few years, Kristiina left the textile world to focus on opening her own interior design firm.  Through her accustomed tenaciousness, hard work and the power of the word of mouth, her firm became a local success.  Kristiina’s clients were the burgeoning upper and middle classes and international expats who were attracted the Estonian culture and natural beauty and remain loyal to this day. 

Kristiina became known in the market for her fine details, pattern mixing and bold use of colours, which were a stark contrast to the simplicity of the Nordic home fashion sensibilities.  She mixed the Canadian “comfort” which she had learned in Toronto, with the Scandinavian simplicity and came up with her own “Scandonadian” style.  Her clients embraced the new style as fashion forward and unique to the area, making it their own.  Kristiina became an award winning designer – particularly noted for incorporating sustainability in her designs. Her homes have been featured internationally in publications and on television.

Never one to rest on her creativity, in 2011, Kristiina moved back to Toronto with her husband and young boys and immersed herself in the world of design, gaining exposure to a larger market, growing her business and increasing her already large creative bandwidth. With an impressive body of work and 17+ years of senior design experience to her credit, Kristiina maintains her clients in Europe, while working with some of Toronto’s leading contractors.  Her Canadian clients love her openness and ability to adapt to almost any style, bringing her Nordic inspired design style to Canadians, mixing it to perfect effect. 

Kristiina’s main goal is to create a harmonized, livable space for her clients, taking into account their whole way of being - how they want to live.  She creates a home for her clients to live full lives in.  A place where they can thrive through comfort and simplicity!